Charity Auction

The painting, ‘The Journey of Humanity has now left Atlantis, The Palm and is currently going through the huge task of stretching and framing - it’s the largest art canvas in the world!

70 individually numbered, signed, catalogued, and framed panels will be auctioned and sold during the Humanity Inspired Royal Charity Auction in February 2021, in collaboration with The Global Gift Foundation, UNICEF, UNESCO and Dubai Cares. The auction will welcome buyers from 140 countries across the world via the largest live-stream auction ever. Each successful bidder will own a piece of the largest painting ever created on canvas, and more significantly, a piece of history.

We are aiming to raise more than USD$30m and have connected with over two billion people worldwide.

The project will bring the internet to the most remote and poorest regions of the world, the most in-need communities all further decimated by the COVID-19 Pandemic. The project will set up progressive and more affective sustainable education & health hubs, equipped with the internet for online learning, medical supplies, health care, inoculations, vaccines, and sanitation, within the poorest and most desperate communities of the world, aiming to save 10 million child-lives globally. It will also bring education, healthcare and opportunities to those that have previously had neither, with the goal of giving those that need it most a very real opportunity to change the world around them.

Check back with us in December for the unveiling of the 70 individual panels.

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